Excellence in Management starts with the ability to know yourself – completely, honestly ... and without any nice makeover! Including all the rough edges and cluttered corners! Including all hopes, wishes, fears and inadequacies. Honest to the bone.

This lays the foundation, on which any Management and Leadership principles are based on.

Only people who have inner clarity, can successfully lead in the outer world!  

Excellence in Management

Management Coaching - using the VAM model

Classic coaching ... but not just talking! Because it's not just about the head. You know the saying "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!" And yes, Managers are also made of flesh and blood, with feelings and weaknesses. They often don't show them, though! But inside it's still rumbling. So, before these locked away topics and emotions catch up with us - as health problems or otherwise, let's tackle them today. 

In this management coaching I take you, the whole you, with me on YOUR journey. Personally, honestly, just between you and me! Surprising moments included! 

Let´'s talk privately ...

Managing teams - using the GROW model 

Management or Leadership - often a fine line between authoritarian "do as I say" and empowering "laissez-faire" with the attempt to create personal responsibility. 

In addition, there is the difficulty that every employee is individually different and wants to be managed differently. 

 A dilemma?

Not really... if you consider a few things. 

 In this workshop (or alternatively in 1-on-1 coaching) you will receive tools, principles and suggestions for your personal leadership style. 

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