Sales Excellence                                      

Excellence in Sales starts with the confidence in your own commercial skills and the understanding of the sales process, including the underlying principles: why do some sales situations lead to success, and why do others fail or turn into a struggle? 

However, to be successful, we need not only the UNDERSTANDING (the head), but also ability to use or IMPLEMENT this knowledge (the hand), as well as the willingness or INTEREST (the heart) to do so.

Head, hand and heart have to be integrated in order to achieve sales excellence. 

And there are various methods for doing this: 

Sales Training

Suited for sales teams as in-house training, or for individuals as an open training - face-to-face or virtual. 

Sales trainings can be offered either as a proven standard module or tailored to your team, everything is possible. Here are some of my modules that clients book the most:  

VALUE Selling - make your offer VALUABLE!

Value Selling is the modern approach to being more successful in sales. 

In this module we will go through the different phases of the buying process and learn a tool-based sales approach that will allow you to: 

- Sell solutions instead of products 

- Increase customer satisfaction 

- Increase your win rate 

- Increase your sales potential 

- Shorten the sales process

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STEPS - the method for successful customer calls

The customer call, by phone, video call or in-person, is the central component of every business relationship. 

In this module we show you how to:   

- effectively prepare for a meeting 

- to formulate the right questions 

- understand needs more deeply 

... and thereby to deepen the customer´s desire for YOUR solution.


New client acquisition - becoming less of a nuisance and more of a solution

Let´s be honest, do YOU like to be contacted by sales people?  

In this module we look at why sales people are often seen as a nuisance, and how YOU can do it better. 

Because no company can survive without acquiring new customers. 

Address your customers in such a way that you are welcome. Be the  conversation partner who is clear, honest, authentic, solution-oriented... and successful.. 

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Sales for Non-Sales People

"I´`'m just not a sales dog!" This or similar sentences are among the most frequently used sentences from start-up founders, self-employed individuals, freelancers and business professionals in indirect or sales-supporting roles.

In this module we unveil the "sales person" myth, and look behind the (mis-)understanding of what selling should be and should NOT be. With this, we create interest in contacting existing and potential customers.   


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Sales Coaching

Originally, coaching is an individual, i.e. 1-on-1, form of support. 

I work with you on the topics that you bring with you. Be it on sales issues or on issues related to the exercise of your management function. 

Very well suited for CSOs, sales managers, sales directors, managing directors actively participating in sales and solopreneurs. 

Sales Management Coaching

Have you just been promoted to a management position, or have you now added a sales team to your previous managerial position? Or would you like to update your management skills? Sales Management Coaching caters to your specific needs.  

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Sales Coaching 1-on-1

Are you in a sales role, or do you want or need to take on sales tasks in addition to your main job? 

This 1-on-1 sales coaching gives you the opportunity to tackle YOUR personal issues in a safe and confidential atmosphere.

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Sales Coaching 1-on-1 for Solopreneurs

If you are a solopreneur, self-employed or freelancer, you are even more dependent on finding, winning and retaining customers yourself. Without customers, your business idea is very short-lived.  

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Successful negotiations are the crowning moment, the conclusion of the sales process. But there are different rules, principles and behaviors that apply, which are sometimes contrary to those used in the sales processes leading up to this moment. It would be a shame if you couldn't bring home everything you and your team have achieved so far.   

NEGS - Negotiations Training

Negotiating successfully is something that can be learned. The "opposite side" learns it too, and probably does it quite well. 

In this module we will work out how to emphasize the VALUE of your solution in such a way that the PRICE is not the only decision criterion. 

 And we look at some "dirty tricks" in negotiations and learn how to respond, rather than react to them. 



Negotiation theory and training is nice, but now there is an important negotiation coming up that you absolutely have to win! 

In such a case, it may help to have direct and immediate access to a specialist. 

Deal coaching is exactly that: supporting the negotiation team in planning, preparing and conducting the negotiation, on-site or remotely. 

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Interim Management

In addition to training and coaching, you also have the option of employing me as an interim manager to fill a vacancy in sales.     

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