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Alex S.

Senior Principal Consultant 

"Christoph's training style is based on authenticity and experience, with an extra dose of empathy and cultural awareness. This allows participants to try something new in a safe environment while challenging them to go beyond their standard approaches, bringing with them new skills, new insights and new motivation to apply what they have learned ."

Thierry W.

Head of Customer Center 

"Thanks to Christoph's coaching, we have been able to turn our product presentation in a good way, and the hearings with (our customer) went really well ! We were able to describe their needs, explain pains & gains, and match them with our capabilities!"

Richard R.

Business Manager Construction 

„The impulses that Christoph sets in his training are outstanding. I would love to employ him full-time!"

Karin L.

Director Business Development

„The first exercise in our training with Christoph was surprising. But it did exactly what we needed: a new perspective on our own belief systems and after that we all were more open to implementing new sales processes."

Hans D.

Owner & Managing Director

„I regularly use Christoph's value selling approach in my customer meetings. The very first customer meeting after Christoph´'s coaching led to a business deal without my getting under price pressure. And my conversion rate is amazing!"

Clients & Industries

My clients can be found in most of the important industries and sectors, inside and outside of Germany. Privacy is important, especially in training and coaching, so you won't find any names here.


- Automotive & Automotive suppliers

- Aerospace 

- Pharma

- IT and IT-Services

- Mechanical Engineering

- Sports &  Sports clothing

- Food and beverage

- Real Estate

- DIY and interior design

- Industrial retail 

- Metal and heating technology

- Andragogy / Adult Education

- Paper & pulp

- Chemical


Imparta Ltd. 

For international Training rollouts in various languages 

Powering Sales Consultants GmbH

Supporting my Trainings & Coachings through Consulting.